7 Reasons Why Cats Wag Their Tails

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Cats are one of the most loved and pampered pets. These lovely creations of God are good companions too, even though they are unable to talk to us. But, through different gestures and movements that cats make, they try their best to signal and let us know about the things going on in their mind. Cats make their response through their tails. Have you ever wondered why do cats wag their tails? The reason being, they are expressing their mood to you as an indicator of their present state of mind.

No matter how big a cat lover and admirer you are, you can never converse with these creatures in any language whatsoever. They thereby give actions and activities by which they make sure that they inform you about their mood being happy, sad or annoyed. All that matters is how you respond to and calculate their behavioral aspects.

Cats wag their tail as a mode of communication to both, humans and other animals. They make their contact with you through their tail and simultaneously, engage in conversation with other animals too. The scientific fact addresses us that over 10 percent of a cat’s bones are there in its tail and it attempts its ways to use in various forms for expressing its motions and waves.

Why Do Cats Wag Their Tails?

Here are some of the most relatable moods of your cat, which you can easily understand by a cat tail wagging. And definitely what does it mean when a cat wags its tail, is what this article is all about.

1. In A Calm And Composed Mood

It’s when your cat is in a safe and peaceful mood, it will be reflected through its face. Your cat doesn’t move its tail and holds it up straight looking somewhat relaxed. It glares and looks at you with flittered eyes, signing you that it loves and trusts you. And when it positions itself on the ground, on its back, picturing its belly to you, that’s the cat’s way to signal you that its mood is right and it wants you to come and give it some love instead.

2. Happy And Merry

When you return back home after college, or after your tiring office schedule, you notice your loving pet terribly waiting for you. And when your cat is overwhelmed and excited to see you return home, it wags its tail in the most pleasing manner. It holds its tail vertically up and rubs its face pleasingly to you, depicting her happiness and excitement. It’s time for you to grab her and make her happier with your presence and comfy gestures.

3. Cats Also Purr To Indicate Something

Scientifically believed, that kittens, on an average take just 2 days, to start doing purr. This means, that when they run to their mum and purr, they indulge into communication with her and wants her affection, care and love. However, cats purr too, but portraying different signal(s). Often when a cat is sick and uneasy, it sounds to soothe and comfort it, the way humans do too. Also when a cat feels devoted to other animal and wants to maintain friendliness, it purrs and wags its tail in the happiest feel.

4. Angry And In An Annoyed Mood

There can be any reason responsible for the mood swing of your cat. It can get mad at you or others, and it is probably her way of making sure that you know about her rage. Your cat flicks its tail front and back and keeps doing that with fiery eyes. Also when it is really and aggressively upset with you, it will jump on its tail into your notice and might also scratch you with its paws on the face or chest. If it does that way, that means your cat is really annoyed, and you need to do something about that.

5. When She Wants Something From You

Like the normal human behavior, your cat also wants something from you, be it love, care, food, accessories or anything else. It will just rush to you and have itself embraced in you and say through its tail wagged. It will keep wagging its tail merrily and have you know, what it wants.

6. When She Is In A Playful Mood

Your pet loves you the most and often finds reason and happiness in playing and having mischievous activities with you. You don’t have to look after that, it will let you know of that with its cat tail wagging. When it holds its tail right up and slightly bends on a single side, this means it wants to play around with you and is in fun and teasing mood to spend happy times with you.

7. When She Is Dreadful And In Terror

Just like humans, cats are also daunted and feared by some activities and simultaneously worried about it. At that very point in time, it just embraces itself completely and makes its size slight. It also keeps its tail closer to the body and restricts its ears back on both the sides. And when that tail is going to an opposite direction or is stuck somewhere in the middle of its legs, it signifies that it is panic stricken and is avoiding all sorts of interaction.

You must have seen a cat wagging its tail at so many points of time, but have you ever wondered what does it mean when a cat wags its tail? They have different behavioral gestures, and they eventually hiss and also show aggressive signs for that. Cats also greet others through their face and body and also stretching. They will lie down; start yawning and turning and doing random things to show you what they are feeling on the inside. Cat tail wagging is the most interactive way by a cat to tell you about its state of mind. You must try to figure out, what it means when a cat wags its tail.

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