35+ Cute Boy Cat Names And Their Meanings

Best & Cute Boy Cat Names

Cat Names

Boy cats are named depending on their appearance, personalities, markings, coat color and other distinctive features. Given below is a list of best cute boy cat names.

  • Angus: This is a Scottish name given to strong independent cats.
  • Aslan: This is the perfect name that can be given to a bold cat. This name is obtained from the famous novel written by C.S. Lewis, “The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.”
  • Bagheera: This name is taken from the famous novel, “The Jungle Book” by Rudyard Kipling. Bagheera is the name of the Black Panther who is the mentor to Mowgli,the jungle boy.”
  • Caesar: This is among the most suitable male cat names that have an attitude like kings.
  • Casper: This is one of the cutest boy cat names and is an apt name for white kittens. Casper is a friendly ghost and a popular character among children.

Some Popular names for male cats that belong to the royal class are:

  • Archie: This is the short form of the name Archibald and is related to the royal cats.
  • Camilla: This is the most suitable name for the cats belonging to the regal class.

Here are some names for male cats, named after their color:

  • Domino: A cat can be named according to his coat color, and this name is very suitable for a black-and-white kitten.
  • Felix: This is another very popular name since 1920 and is appropriate for black and white kittens.
  • Figaro: This name has been derived from the novel Pinocchio and a character therein. This character was named Geppetto and owned a black and white cat named Figaro.
  • Mars: This is a perfect name for a cat with a red colored coat. It is named after the “War God” in the Roman mythology. Moreover, the Mars planet emits a red glow that brightens up the sky at night.
  • Midnight: This name logically can be assumed to be the most suitable name for all black cats.
  • Milo: This could be the perfect name for a kitten with a fur coat having an orange tinge. This name has become famous after the movie “The Adventures of Milo and Otis,” which was released in the year 1986.
  • Oreo: One of the most popular and sweet male cat names is Oreo.
  • Smokey: A black or grey cat can be referred to as Smokey.

Some of the popular male cat names are acquired from popular cartoons such as:

  • Sylvester: This is again a perfect name for a cute and furry cat, preferably grey or white in color. This name is taken from a cartoon character from the popular children’s cartoon show “Looney Tunes.”
  • Fritz: This name has become popular from the famous cartoon of the mid-1960s, Fritz the Cat.
  • Garfield: This is the name of the popular cartoon character Garfield, and an adorable cat pet can be named after this character.

Some popular names for male cats based on fictitious characters of novels are:

  • Gatsby: This name has become famous from the popular classic novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald. The novel revolves around the central character Jay Gatsby, who is a rich boy and reigns over the social scene. Thus a favorite male cat pet can be named Gatsby or Catsby for fun.
  • Crookshanks: In the popular novel of Harry Potter, the Persian Cat of Hermione is named Crookshanks, and from this novel, this name has gained popularity.
  • Oliver: Charle’s Dickens popular novel Oliver Twist is the source of the name Oliver which can be given to an orphaned, hungry cat.
  • Lancelot: This is an appropriate name for a bold male cat or kitten. This name is popular from King Arthur’s, “Knights of the round table” novel.
  • Tao: This name is taken from the book “The Incredible Journey” by Sheila Burnford in which a Siamese cat is named Tao.
  • Bella: This name has become popular from the novel Twilight and is suitable for a night loving male cat.
  • Puss: This name has become popular after the fairy tale in French known as “Puss in Boots, “ and recently a movie has also been made of the same name.
  • Romeo: This is a perfect name for a cute, loving and affectionate cat. This name has become famous because of Shakespeare’s novel “Romeo and Juliet.”

More Of Cute Boy Cat Names Are Listed Below

  • Max: This is an adorable name, very popular in the USA and is strongly recommended for baby kittens.
  • Merlin: This is a name inspired from the wizard Merlin who could give shape and form to anything under the sun. Thus, this is an ideal name for magical cats.
  • Monet: This name has become popular after the esteemed painter called Claude Monet. He began his career by drawing the pastels of the cats. Claude or Monet can be considered among the cutest boy cat names.
  • Morris: Cats are very finicky by nature, and hence Morris could be the ideal name for such a picky creature like cats.
  • Napoleon: He was a dictator, and thus this name could be given to an aggressive male cat.
  • Odin: This name has become popular after the Norse mythology where Odin is considered to be the God of mystery and magic.
  • Pharaohs: They were the kings of Ancient Egypt, and your playful and mischievous cat can also be rightly named as Pharaoh.
  • Rex: A cat that has a majestic attitude can be lovingly named as Rex.
  • Salem: Black cats can be named as Salem after the TV serial known as “Sabrina, The Teenage Witch.” In this serial, a black cat called Salem is the friend and a genuine companion of Sabrina.
  • Houdini: He was a very popular magician, and so a mischievous creature like a cat can be named Houdini.

Thus, there is a broad range of names that have been used for male cats since ancient times and to look for a perfect name for a pet cat, no one would run short of cute male cat names.

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