10 Best Adorable Fluffy Cat Breeds From Around The World

People easily tend to develop a strong bond with the fluffy cat breeds, and that attachment runs quite deep. A pet is always dear to its owner, and when that pet is fluffy and soft like a ball, it seems to be the most comforting emotional shelter for us.

It is almost like having a soft toy just like we had in our childhoods. The cuddling cat is a phenomenal lovable habit of most people. Almost any cat lover would love to possess a soft, fluffy feline friend. But there is a lot that has to be taken care after you choose one of the various fluffy cat breeds.

According to most pet grooming experts, a fluffy cat requires routine maintenance. Fluffy cats need to be brushed and combed daily and require extra care during their seasonal coat shedding period. To save your time and patience, you can try brushing your kitty’s hairy coat while relaxing or watching TV. Combing sessions need not be long and a few minutes of combing session every day would keep your cat in a relatively good condition. Such grooming sessions would not only maintain your cat nicely but also develop an intimate bond between your kitty and you.

Check out the list of best fluffy cat breeds and let us know in comments which among these is your favorite:

1. Persian Cat

10 Best Adorable Fluffy Cat Breeds From Around The World - fluffy cat breeds

Famed as one of the most popular fluffy cat breeds, this specific cat is not only beautiful but also known for its luxurious, flowing coat and their matchless melodious, swift voices. Their voice is very sweet and pleasant, and they make very adorable and charming pets for any cat-loving family.

2. Exotic Short Hair Cat

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This fluffy breed of cat has a dense, soft fur and therefore, needs less maintenance and grooming than rest of the cat breeds. They have a very friendly nature and get along with almost anyone from children to other pets and people.

3. Somali Cat

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Somali has the appearance of a long-haired fox, and this fluffy cat breed is pretty friendly and active. It’s rich, soft furs would melt your heart in no time and calls for easy maintenance.

4. Maine Coon Cat

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This particular cat breed originates from Maine and is famously known as the Gentle Giant of the cat world. Maine Coon loves all the attention and care you shower on it and is often very snugly. They have a robust character and a rich, royal appearance. Their long, silky coats can be found in various lengths and are oily in nature.

They also have long, fluffy tails. This gorgeous and regal appearance needs regular care and grooming to maintain their beauty and richness. They are easy to pet; friendly and therefore do not make a fuss during the grooming session. Rather, they enjoy the grooming session. Although large in stature, this cat breed is quite playful and active.

5. Rag Doll Cat

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The Rag doll is very social and friendly cat. They love to be around people and are extremely faithful to their owners. They also have exceptional mannerisms and greet their owners whenever they arrive at the door and to follow them everywhere they go. They possess medium sized coats which are easy to maintain with routine care and grooming sessions. Because of their loving and friendly attitude, they are a favorite among children and families.

6. Birman Cat

Cat, Sacred Birman, Animal, Breed Cat

This fluffy cat loves to maintain a low-key personality. It has a medium sized coat and can be found in the shades of cream and white color with color-point markings which form a kind of similarity with the Siamese cat. The coat of this particular breed is pretty unique which does not tangle or mat. This calls for a very easy maintenance although you need to remove its dead hair periodically.

7. British Short Hair Cat

British Shorthair, Cat, Cute, Domestic Cat, Mieze

Similar to the Exotic Short hair breed, the British Short hair has a dense but short coat. It has a real and patient nature and can abide time in solitariness. This makes it perfect for busy families.

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8. Japanese Bobtail Cat

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Japanese Bobtail of the long haired version of this breed is quite cute and is a favorite with the cat lovers. They have a different tail and have a design that has kind of familiarity with a little pom-pom. The cat makes an excellent friend due to its flexible and loving nature.

9. Siberian Cat

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This fluffy cat breed has got a three-layered luxurious coat and requires proper grooming and maintenance. It is quite energetic and has a calm and composed temperament. A water lover, this cat gets playful in water sports and is a keen swimmer.

10. Norwegian Forest Cat

Cat, Norwegian Forest Cat, Cat'S Eyes, Cute, Ears, Head

Super smart among the other fluffy cat breed, Norwegian Forest Cat is pretty active and make great pals. They have unique double-coated waterproof fur which can withstand the rough winters of Scandinavia. They possess real fluffy coats which surprisingly do not require finicky maintenance like some other fluffy cat breeds do. The Norwegian Forest Cats have an outgoing nature and are prolific hunters.

Care For Fluffy Cat Breeds

So you have cats who have fancy fluffy, soft, silky coats and are ready to be your companion. Before you take the plunge, you need to prepare well by learning all the essentials of cat grooming and care. Get those beautiful combs and brushes and keep your grooming kit ready. After all, you want to keep those soft, silky tresses in their best shape.

Long, fluffy haired cats need routine maintenance; otherwise, they can develop tangles and mats in their coats in the long run which might get painful if pulled. In such cases, consult the help of a veterinarian, or a grooming expert is needed to solve such issues. Therefore, before you commit yourself to the ownership of a long haired cat breed, you must know how to care for such pet. Be sure to maintain the checklist of Do’s and Don’ts and consult a grooming expert if you need any useful tips and advice.

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